Ok Dr Freud so I’m trying to escape or maybe I’m running away from something?

So what! (I like it here.)

Escape or entertainment, Love them or hate them, MMORG bring with them an interesting concept, the ability to virtually recreate yourself in a fantasy world, a world uninhibited and unhindered by any disabilities you may have and live alongside real people doing the same thing.

This idea has appealed to me for as long as I can remember, as a child we have all shut ourselves away playing with toys for hours on end in a fantasy world created in our minds, only to be called away for dinner or bedtime, can you remember the anxiety and eager excitement to get back and carry on were you left off? Or to see how the story turns out? but this yarning with me never stopped, I discovered books with whole universes and lives for me to delve into and explore, then with the advent of the personal computer and my first ZX81 at the age of 13 I foresaw the prospect of a future driven and living inside a virtual world created and orchestrated by me and others like minded.

Come, there are worlds to conquer!

Through my teens I developed a passion for RPG’s dice roll playing games wile I waited for technology to catch up, cyberpunk/dungeons and dragons/war hammer.

Mean wile Science fiction in the movies and in books reflected the developing technology, so too the internet along with the exponential growth in computing power until these virtual worlds became a reality, The m.o.r.g was born, over time m.o.r.g’s became more and more complex, there styles and visuals more believable, the possibilities and size became endless and massive.

Who do you think you are God or something?

“I created this so…Yes, I guess that makes me a God”

I cant remember when I joined my first MMORG, but I do remember I couldn’t get enough, joining numerous sites, loosing track of the amount of time fretted away in these worlds, Anarchy online / Word of war craft / Second life / rune scape / fallen earth / neocron 2 / Aeon online, the list is goes on, but it was the science fiction MMORG’s that I was particularly interested in, and therein was also a source of my frustration, unfortunately there always seemed to be something missing! If only I could take aspects or the best bits of all these games and combine them now that would truly be the greatest science fiction MMORG in the world. my son by this time had grown up and had become a keen gamer himself, so one night wile cursing the restrictions and bugs in the currant MMORG we were playing, we decided to create our own.


How I envy the future and the technological wonders I will miss.


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