Before you read the timeline I’d like to introduce you to the late Norbert Wiener,  (November 26, 1894, Columbia, Missouri – March 18, 1964, Stockholm, Sweden) was an American mathematician. A famous child prodigy, Wiener (pronounced WEE-nur) I know dont laugh, he later became an early studier of stochastic and noise processes, contributing work relevant to electronic engineering, electronic communication, and control systems.Wiener is regarded as the originator of cybernetics, a formalization of the notion of feedback, with many implications for engineering, systems control, computer science, biology, philosophy, and the organization of society.

In Megatropolis he is now hailed as a hero both in the scientific community and in every day life, not one person in the known world will not know of him, and every child will have herd his name mentioned throughout there tutoring years.

Time line

2000 Economic collapse of the western nation’s as oil reserves run empty, natural gas reserves held by Europe and Russia rationed. Ecological disaster looms, as rising global temperatures begin to melt the ice caps more rapidly than expected water levels rise and cause wide spread flooding changing the face of the world.

North and South America fall into conflict over land distribution during the grate flood.

2005 Despite the grate floods Japans economy continued to grow swallowing its neighboring countries until in its demand for resources power and land they invade Russia there was little resistance and Russia agree to unite and together with the Asiatic continents they lead the way in economic growth. Warring Muslim states are taken over by japans new democratic government, new economic growth aides in its transition and with the help of a growing Buddhist movement religious harmony prevails forcing the last of the extremist Muslims in to Europe and Africa.

2010 Research into off world resources initiated by Japan as it sends nine probes out to investigate the asteroid belts in the Trojans, Greeks and Hildas at the rim of our solar system.

Plans for an orbital dockyard are commissioned.

Worlds first cloned and genetically enhanced limb replacement.

Flooding forces Japan to moves its capitol to New Deli in India renaming India (New Indie)

2012 Newly formed Asiatic nations abandon there capitol cities threatened by flooding they merge with japans relocated capitol in New Deli to form a super capitol re naming New Deli to Megatropolis. Superior weapon technologies defend its border from the warring nations effectively deterring any threat from its oppressive Nabors. A policy of non interference is instituted by the R.A.A.J government choosing to only deploy its nation’s resources defending its borders and science.

United kingdoms economy collapses turning the country to a tribal state, uniting only when tribal leaders declare a holy crusade against Europe’s growing extremist Muslim threats.

2015 North and South America declared a war zone as civil war brakes out; massive nuclear bombs are detonated by southern rebels in new York and Chicago reducing most of north  America to waste land, a huge tide of north American refugees flee west across the Atlantic to Europe and Africa..

2018 European nations begin to collapse under the rise of refuges from the west, Extremist Muslim terrorists take the opportunity to cease power and declare Europe a new Muslim state initiating Jihad on all non Muslims, millions of Americans and Europeans are slaughtered in purging camps, refuges now fleeing from mass genocide by the hands of the extremists flee the holocaust east joining the newly formed Russian Austral Asiatic state of Japan (R.A.A.J)

World’s first Cybernetic Hart transplant.

2021 European Muslim state renamed (NewMecca) declares war on The American confederation, what is left of America re unites and joins the United Kingdoms to fight the European Muslim state.

America cease all trade with R.A.A.J accusing the newly formed state of neglect as it remains neutral during the European Holocaust.

United kingdoms fall as NewMecca invade, the eight remaining tribal kings are captured and there provinces ransacked the leaders are decapitated live on TV and there heads sent to America as a warning.

2022 Prospector Probes bring back reports of new elements and huge resources locked in asteroids out in the three main belts, Prospector IV, discovers samples of basic life, out in the Trojan belt in the from of strange lichen, plans for an orbital drop mining Quarry are commissioned and manned prospector ships are sent from the newly completed orbital dock yard.

Nuclear fusion perfected (limitless energy with pure H2-0 as a by product.

World’s first Cybernetic limb transplant.

2023 the African nations are forced to become involved in the Muslim conflicts after economic blockade and threats of invasion from the NewMecca ministry. NewMecca are handed control of the African militia and escalate there war on the west.

First cloned human zygote created.

Ability to digitally recorded Human thought and memories.

2024 After three years of war against NewMecca , The American confederacy initiate massive tactical nuclear bombardment of The Newmecca capitol in Paris, and strategic points in Africa, NewMecca retaliate and all three nations are wiped out coursing global ecological damage from fallout and reducing most of the western hemisphere to wasteland, shifting radiation clouds kill of more of the planet, 70% of the worlds species are wiped out, Europe, Africa and what was left of the rain forests lay in waists, ecological collapse begins, scientist in R.A.A.J try desperately in vain to genetically modify the remaining species of plants and animals but fail to re balance the ecosystem.

2026 R.A.A.J’s remaining nations gather in and around New Indie’s expanding Megatropolis further, setting up new cities towns and frontiers, it becomes a time of grate change and innovation as scientists gather together for a common goal, to save humanity, Cybernetics and genetics advance extending and enhancing life, creating new cultures and in turn new problems in the growing Megatropolis city.

Over population control introduced by the R.A.A.J government in New Indie vie parental licensing and compulsory sterilization of the genetically damaged minorities.

Nano engineered organisms are introduced into the oceans to help combat climate change, successfully enabling scientists to control rain fall anywhere in the world

First cloned human zygote memory transfer, resulting in a perfect human copy with all the memories of the host.

New cloning laws introduced.

Compulsory Global Positioning Memory Synchronization implants in all citizens (GPMS).

2027 sling shot and drop mining successfully dropped there first asteroids to earth delivering vital resources to industry. As a result in September that year a Gioroid was unknowingly dropped  from orbit contain the fungal spore of Incedomycota after a number of fatalities the fungus spread throughout the continent, the resulting escape now seems to be helping although mutating some existing  plants and fungi, earths  environment and ecology has benefited enormously from its properties

Dr Malcolm Betruger discovers N-field technology. Creates the N-field storage devices

2029 N-field transport developed

World’s first cybernetic brain created.

Genetic minority sterilization program scrapped.

Genetic preservation act signed by all nations.

2031 New laws to combat cyber crimes introduced.

Cyber regulation squads sanctioned. Regulators given the power to terminate any unauthorized Cyberneticly enhanced human they have assessed as a danger to the public.

Diminished humanity ruled no longer a legitimate plea in a court of law.

Compulsory GPMS chips abandoned after huge outcry of civil liberties.

First cybernetic brain transplant, and the dawn of ghosted humanoids.


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