Trade skilling

Trade skills explained

How board do you get when tradeskilling in an MMORG? Things like Mining can be so mind numbing can’t they? You repeatedly click away on the same rock hour after hour or run backwards and forwards to your bank with pockets full of materials waiting for you to then laboriously process with more pointless clicking.

Sound familiar?

In Ωnly Hum∆n boredom such as this is elevated by way of a mini game at an appropriate factory, machine, and or with the correct tools, this gives the game a more realistic feel. Ores chemicals, compounds and radioactive’s are the key materials used in game and there process explained below.

Most key materials will be available to purchase from players or the global market at an inflated cost or at the manufacturing site at discounted prices but as the saying goes when you cut out the middle man more profit is yours.

The main bulk of ores can be found down in the pits but for the more exotic elements you will need to go to an orbital mining drop site, were huge asteroids are captured out in space, these still sizable pieces are then dropped down to earth with precision accuracy landing near the mine areas to be mined and cleared ready for the next drop, Dangerous work with the falling derbies radiation and parasitic life that harbours inside some of the asteroids but this is the only way to mine the rare elements needed for production of certain items.

Mining any ores

You start by going to the mining site, talk to the Forman you will then obtain the necessary out fit for mining, once suited up you are aloud down the pit or out to the asteroid mine (better mining gear can be won or purchased these give bonuses when mining) this is to encourage players to look the part when down the pit or out at a asteroid crater. Find a vacant drilling rig in front of the type of ore face you’re hoping to extract then the mini game then begins.

Mining mini game

For a set time period You control a drilling head grinding away at the rock face removing dirt and rock to reveal seams of ore, follow each peace of ore to match it with a neighbouring identical peace of ore longer than four chunks and that seam of ore falls away into the conveyer or loading bots running below revealing more dirt rocks or ore, you may be equipped with special mining gear that gives bonuses like more time, grater removal of earth, higher yield of ore and so on, this is tallied up as you mine and the total is sent of for processing at the end of the game, you then receive a percentage of the ore depending on you’re skill level higher levels will receive a higher percentage of Ore mined.

When you leave the pit you can do a variety of things with your hall.

1. Have your share of ore dropped directly into your N-volt providing have you sufficient space, if you wish, from there it can be placed on the global market to await sale.

2. Exchange some or all for credits at the sites going rate,

3. Or move on to the next step at the Ore refinery for refinement into raw ingots.

Ore refinery and processing to raw ingots

Head on over to the ore processing plant and talk to the Forman he will suit you up with the necessary safety gear and you can then head into the plant. You climb into a free Mech cockpit were you operate the industrial Mech.

Ore of a random type enters the plant vie a conveyer it is sorted and the rock dumped into the pulverising machine, it then moves through the sifting beds were it is scanned separated then on to the furnace to be turned into raw ingots.

Refinement mini games

Any ore you provide will be processed first dropped in from N-volt bank hopper, the unrefined ore and rock passes along a conveyer in front of you, your job is to use the Mech’s huge claws to sort through the ore and rock separating it and dumping it into the correct hopper within the time given, the more you can sort through in the time limit the more goes on to the next stage, this ore then goes through the  pulverising machine and sifting beds and into a waiting hopper, you must then carry the hopper to the furnace were it will become molten, you then control the poring of the giant heated crucible into the ingot moulds carefully so not to spill any, the better you do this the more ingots are produced at the end,

If you supplied any ore at the beginning you will receive that ore fully processed plus a percentage of any extra ore you managed to process in the time given, if not you will only receive a parentage of the raw ingots produced when you leave the refinery, you will then receive your ingots, you can then either:

1. Have your share of ingots dropped directly into your N-volt providing you have sufficient space, if you wish, from there it can be placed on the global market to await sale.

2. Exchange some or all for credits at the sites going rate,

3. Or move on to the next step at the Steel works to be further refined into different metals.

Steel works, making different metals

Over at the Steel works you will have the opportunity to smelt different raw ingots together combining them to make any type of metal needed for fabricating items, such as combining iron and tin to make stainless steel and so on. This can then be processed into basic preformed material shapes such as sheeting, rods, tubes, milling cubes or more ingots.

Steel works mini games

If your wearing the correct protective gear you can gain bonus end products, This involves combining raw ingots, compounds and chemicals as a formula to make a finished metal or substance, you first buy or supply the raw ingots or pre combined ingots vie an N-volt hopper, then load them into the atomic smelting kiln ready to smelt,  plus any other compounds or chemicals needed to make the finished metal, your recipe will need to be adjusted depending how much of the end product you wish to produce, this is then automatically poured into the preformed materials press and turned into preformed materials of your desired choice, this end product can be in a variety of chosen forms either:

Preformed material: tubing

Preformed material: plating

Preformed material: rods

Preformed material: milling cubes

Unprocessed: finished ingots

These pre formed materials or finished ingots can than either:

1. Be dropped directly into your N-volt providing you have sufficient space, if you wish, from there it can be placed on the global market to await sale.

2. Exchange some or all for credits at the sites going rate.

3. Or move on to the next step at the Fabrication mill.

Fabrication mill

There is clothing and implants available to purchase that can increase your skill in this field, the fabrication mill has all the necessary machinery to turn your preformed materials of any particular substance into any internal components or casings both electrical and mechanical dependant on a your skill in engineering. You may have found or recovered rare preformed materials that you wish to use, you will also need a design schematic so you can program the milling machine and assemble the finished components after production, the schematics needed can be found won or purchased, the milling machine will then make the components for you from the preformed materials you have provided and pre loaded, you can then assemble these finished components yourself providing you  have all the parts, chemicals and necessary elements needed, plus the correct skills in the relative fields, also you may need the schematic to both assemble and disassemble the components, or you can just sell the components separately.

Unlike the fully equipped Fabrication mill, the basic milling machine will be available to buy so you may have one at home or at you’re workshop,

Additional upgrades are available for your purchased milling machine like:

N-volt input output storage link mod.

Larger preformed material load mod

Automatic Differential component set up mod

Automatic Differential preformed material loading mod

Speed up optimisation mod

Component assembly link mod (must own an AI assembly Bot)

Atomic smelting link mod (must own a portable atomic smelt)

Automatic head changer mod x4

Automatic head changer mod x8

Automatic head changer mod x16

A player can have several or more milling machines running at once if they have the room and money, most milling operations in 2030 use lasers for shaping, but traditional Milling heads though highly advanced are still part of the process and will need changing depending on the material being milled, these will also occasionally brake or ware out and will need replacing over time.

Scrap and recycling

If you have found something you wish to recycle you will first need the required skills, tools and if necessary schematic to take it apart, braking it down to internal parts or casings of varying materials these parts can then be sold or re-used alternatively if you have enough of the same material it can be compressed at a scrap yard into ingots theses ingots can then be sold or used in the steel mill process to make finished preformed materials again. Other parts that can’t be compressed may need to be chemically or atomically broken down by a different process at laboratories. Or fusion plants

Smaller Scrap ingot presses are available to buy so you may have one at a workshop or at you’re home. But these are slow and can only press one ingot at a time.


This is more a combination of tools than a place so can be purchased and placed at your home or workshop they fit together to make a complete laboratory station that can be used all at once or individually providing you have the required skills, laboratory stations can be found in various places for use providing a person has the required skill to use them, these tools enable you to refine and combine ingredients to make any chemicals or compounds needed. Chemicals can be extracted from plants and biological samples using a combination extractor this tool although bulky is light enough to carry, you will need to supply empty vials to store the extracted chemicals in.

Next you will need a Nano refining vat to strip out the base chemicals this will leave a base chemical or a compound dispending on what you put in, next place your base chemicals and or compounds in the form of a recipe into the nucleic pressurising condenser you may need large amounts of a particular base chemicals in order to receive a suitable result which will be a completed complex chemical, load it into a suitable container and your done, Large batches can be processed at once with the purchase of an additional large transfer tank but must be left for longer periods to process, the result can then be stored in drums supplied by the player, or can then be sold or used in further recipes.

A player can have several or more complete laboratory stations running at once if they have the room and money.

Chemical salvage

Note: some scrap parts may have chemicals contain within them that can be extracted and salvaged using the combination extractor tool. The result is an extracted chemical and an empty component.

Fusion plant

Like the laboratories this is a combination of machines rather than a place, so can be purchased and placed at your home or workshop they fit together to make a completed machine that can be used all at once or individually, providing you have the required skills.

These processes create the fusion energy’s packs, plasma cores and field matrixes of designated types that are needed in the construction of certain charged components, this is done by combining metal and chemical ingredients with existing atomic reactions then combining them in a component, this process can be reversed in order to brake down salvaged parts that cannot be recycled normally,

In the first process a raw ingot needs to be loaded into the Nucleic splitter and is converted into a fazed isotope of its designated type, then the isotope can be placed in a Proton injector along with the correct chemical or compound this creates a plasma core of a designated type, this added to the correct component will make a  fusion energy pack of a designated type or  you can continue and combine it with an existing plasma core of a specified type into the quantum field collider to create a field matrix of a designated type, this is then inserted into a waiting component or casing.

Fusion recycling

Note: To reverse the process on salvaged parts, take the charged component place it in the quantum field collider it will then split the plasma cores from its original creation and randomly return only one of the cores to you leaving you with an empty component and the random core this is as far as the recycling process goes as the plasma core’s can not be split any further. It can ether be used to make something ells or stored in a cheaper stasis component supplied by the player.


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