Interdimensions and warp points

How interdimensional travel and Warp points will work in game,

Basically the game world consists of two almost identical areas the earth and the Hellish nightmare dimension or N-dimension for short, they overlay each other so a person can warp between the two yet still remain in the same place relative on earth, say you want to gain entry to a building on earth and the door to this building is locked, you could warp into the N-dimension and still be standing in front of the building, however, the N-dimension is a ruined, twisted replica of the present earth, so the door or even the whole wall may be damaged or even missing, you can then walk into the building  by kicking the dilapidated door in, or climbing through holes in the run down buildings until you found your way inside, then warp back to earth and you would find yourself inside and standing the other side of the locked door, in the nice new building you were trying to get into.

Progress into areas of the N-dimension would be hindered by various creatures’ enemies and obstacles, the warping back and forth between worlds could pose some interesting puzzles, perhaps requiring multiple warps to get to a target point. In Game each player will warp into there own instance of the N-dimension this is to keep the N-dimension feeling creepy and desolate, however a teamed player can allow team-mates to warp with them. The intricacies of team warping are yet to be worked out feel free to add post.

All electrical items and modern technology in N- dimension don’t work; this includes items you have taken in with you, only the most primitive of mechanical and basic of chemical reactions will work in the N-dimension i.e.


Gun powder,

Steam power

Bio lighting (because it is living)

Primitive locks or bulk heads

18th century weaponry*

Specially constructed steam punk style weapons.

Traditional melee weapons

*(Anything too modern and not mechanically robust enough will fail)

All other advanced chemicals and machinery will fail or brake as if aged a thousand years. This includes your N-field bag which can only be used like a normal bag in the N-world.

Your cyber enhancement will stop giving you any bonuses but will *continue to function as dummies.

*still need viable explanation why cyber organs and brains will continue to keep you alive in N-dimension limbs could still work like prosthetic limbs like in 2000, but brains and organs I have know idea? One explanation could simply be that all cyber ware can only function at limited capacities and leave it at that! But I would like a nice scientific explanation that sounds plausible. Please post ideas?

Inter dimensional travel between cities

Inter dimensional travel between cities or even continents on earth are achieved in game by entering an N-field station point situated throughout the metropolis, these take you to a continental hub platform were the warp points to various other cities on that continent are accessed, inside each continental hub is a warp point to a the World hub platform that will present you with warp points to all the other continental hubs on earth.

Hub look and feel

Hub platforms will be situated inside the N-dimension so platforms will look aged and rusty lots of riveted iron and clunky manual bulk head style doors, the whole thing could have a steam punk feel about it, the place would have no window so the public cant see the horrors that lurk outside although this doesn’t stop you hearing the odd strange noise and thud against the heavy reinforced walls, the lack of windows will make it seem dark due to only bio lighting working in this dimension, there are no banks or modern technology on the platform and Guards would oversee the commuting citizens.

The guards are big bio enhanced grunts wearing steam punk style armour , they carry with them huge brass Gatlling guns, with big windable handles to operate them, specially designed for use in the N-dimension.

The guards job is:

1. Not answering probing Questions as to why they are present.

2. Protect the hub platform from what’s outside.

3. Delete all evidence should a breach occur, (that includes any witnesses?)

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