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Ωnly Hum∆n

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Ωnly Hum∆n is a Cyberpunk style, Massive multiplayer online rollplaying game or mmorg, based around a Megatropolis in 2030, it features parallel dimensional portals, allowing a player to flip between worlds. As well as an immersive parallel virtual hacker net.

Also it contains a unique intercontinental server system portraying real world places on earth.

Ever been bored or frustrated with your current MMORG? Love them or hate them? Do you believe you could improve it in so many ways? Then join our growing team your input and knowledge is vital. If like me you believe your imagination will one day come in useful and your dreams and fantasies important? Then this is your day!

The purpose of this project is to create the greatest science fiction MMORG in the world, by gathering together in one place the knowledge, resources and game development team needed to make this dream a reality. Read some of the concepts outlined for the game, send me your opinions and ideas via posting at the bottom of the pages,

Maybe like so many others you’ll agree, this type of MMORG is long overdue!

Don’t hesitate, be part of this project from the start,

I believe we share the same dream let’s see were it goes?

All the best

Q (Imagineer, Daydreamolagist and fantascientist)

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