The Phantom limb theory

The Phantom limb theory

Writen by Q

A two page Paper explaining the theories for cybernetic replacements still functioning in the N-dimension

In the early 1990s Dr Vilayanur S. Ramachandran conducted a study into a condition experienced by some amputee victims; he was interested in amputees who could still feel the missing limb as if it was still attached. This side effect of amputation is  common, but in most patients after a few days the feeling eventually dissipates, however in some rare cases patients still feel the limbs many years after they had been removed, some to the extent that they could feel an amputated hand opening and closing or bend the knee of a missing leg,

In one case study a patient with a disease of the tendons in the right hand that had coursed the fingers to contract until the patients hand eventually became crippled and useless it was later amputated, after amputation the patient could still feel the finger nails of her amputated hand pressing into the missing palm, as though she were still clenching her fist, the feeling was so intense that it was coursing her discomfort for many years.

The patient was quoted saying “it feels like my fist is still clenched so tight my finger nails are cutting into the palm of my hand but I can’t open my hand the same as it was before.” This feedback stamped itself into the brain circuitry through a process of Hebbian learning, so that, even when the limb was no longer present, the brain had learned that the limb (and subsequent phantom) was paralyzed.

Dr Ramachandran believed that the brains map of the body is hard wired in such a way that the psychological effects of loosing limbs are in most cases not accepted by the brain, this wiring is necessary for the brain to operate normally in order to move limbs that it cant see, giving us spatial awareness and the ability to do everyday tasks such as, walk without constantly looking at are feet, or to point are finger to our nose with our eyes closed, and we have all experienced the feeling when seated incorrectly, coursing us to loose feeling in a limb for a few minuets, we are still able to move that limb with out the external feed back from numb nerves, albeit a little awkwardly, Ramachandran created an experiment to prove this point, called the mirror box in an attempt to fool his patients brain into thinking the missing hand was indeed now fixed and capable of movement, he created a box with two openings, one for the patients left working hand and the other, for the right amputated stump, a mirror was position in-between the right and left hands, in such a way that the patient could see a reflection of her normal working left hand in the mirror at the same position as her right amputated hand, giving the patient the illusion of having two perfectly normal hands, Ramachandran asked the patient to close her eyes and clench both her real and imaginary hands simultaneously, he then asked the patient to open her eyes and look at the clenched real left hand and the reflected image being perceived as her clenched right hand, the patient was then asked to slowly open the fingers of both hands at the same time, as the patient  did, the reflected image of her left hand opened in the right hand reflection, giving the illusion both hands were opening at the same time, this in effect overrode the brain for a moment giving the patient enough input for her brain to perceive it as real the results were remarkable the patient was delighted, the feeling of clenched finger nails dissipated from the amputated hand with a noted feeling of the missing hand actuality opening, to the point that the patient could open and close her missing hand without the use of the mirror, and still feel the sensations of a her fingers and hand moving.

Dr Ramachandran’s findings were published and the condition named phantom limb syndrome, his work helped hundreds of phantom limb sufferers cope with there disabilities, and it wasn’t until 2030 as the demand for healthy limb amputation grew in favor of cyber enhancements became popular that Dr Ramachandran theories were re-questioned.

A strange phenomenon was being experienced by the general public on Hub platforms crossing through the N-dimension, it is common knowledge that the N-dimension interferes with modern electronics, but Dr Betruger and the En-corporation have reassured  the public that cyber enhancements will not fail them whilst in a N-dimension platform, a statement from the En-corporation stated that “The public will simply experience limited functionality in there enhancement for there duration of there stay in the N-dimension platform”, however rumors and stories of people crossing the Hub platforms with disabled or irreparable limbs, only to discover that they can move the disabled limb, myths that people with cyber harts could no longer feel it beating whilst on a hub platform yet experience no ill side effects, and people with cyber eyes seeing as normally as they did with a real organic eye, even to the point of needing glasses as they did before the eye was replaced.

Jhonen whrite, an esteemed Cyber engineer, began to compile data on these strange events, and ran some experiments of his own, much to the disapproval of the En-corporation, he concluded that the limbs and implants were indeed being limited in there functionality, but to the point theoretically of not working at all. This was impossible in Jhonen reasoning, he questioned the En-corporation on numerous occasions for an explanation, “If a cyber hart stops working in the normal world than the host should in theory die?” Jhonen was given no explanation and discredited after it was discovered he was a drug abuser, and later imprisoned by corporate regulators, he mysteriously disappeared from prison but a year later a paper was published on a conspiracy theories network, by Anon, believed to be Jhonen himself, claming that this effect of limbs and harts still working was due to supernatural powers beyond are comprehension, and the Ramachandran’s  phantom limb syndrome working in reverse, Anon proclaimed that the N-dimension was actually a supernatural dimension inhabited by demons and that people crossing the Hub were in effect walking dead, there cyber limbs being moved by there still resident souls so to speak, Anon clamed that you could make an arm out of wood and it will still move in the N-dimension if you’re brain was convinced enough that it was real.

Of course all this sound ludicrous, and has been passed over as the ravings of an unstable drug abuser, I doubt anybody would be foolish enough to cross an N-dimension Hub with a wooden prosthetic arm, let alone tap a regulator on the shoulder with it? Would they?


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