Background story on: Inter dimensional travel and storage

Background story on: Inter dimensional travel and storage

Writen by Q

Renowned and controversial scientist discoverers Inter dimensional travel and storage with his research into the space between atoms.

Doctor Malcolm Betruger through his research at the Mars Laboratories has been able to create a stable field of energy that enables objects to pass through into a dimension that occupies the space between the humble atoms, anything occupying this space is drastically reduced in Wight, and because it occupies a different dimension its volume is also reduced depending on the size of the field.

The N-Field as it has been named, once attuned to a point in space and initialised requires so little energy to maintain that it can be made portable, thus creating portable storage which is light enough to carry in a back pack or briefcase form.

Larger N-fields are maintained using a more substantial power supply at N-volt storage points throughout populated areas these storage points allow access to your own inter-dimensional volt, using a security code a field is oscillated to open from any N-volt point in the world and using Dr Betruger’s N-field warping technology directly to your bank volt situated inside the N-dimension, you can then simply reach in and safely take the desired object.

Through Dr Betruger’s research a novel yet very useful side effect was then discovered whilst creating larger N-fields and oscillation points Dr Sung and his team created the first inter dimensional corridor enabling humans to pass through the N-dimension and travel huge distances in a short time safely and out through an exit portal opening at selected locations on the earth.

What Dr Betruger and the ΣN-corporatioπ don’t want you to know.

The N-dimension is actually a parallel world reflecting a twisted and nightmarish version of earth, inhuman creatures and unimaginable beasts live in this dimension drawn to the oscillation points they will kill any living thing they see, the corporation conducts experiments on these creatures and will stop at nothing to keep the nightmare dimension secret from the public over fear it could spread panic and corporate destabilisation dew to the close links this dimension has to religion and the spiritual realm, YES HELL EXISTS.

If the N-field technology was taken of the market The ΣN-corporatioπ would collapse as satiety has become more and more dependant on it, but accidents and conspiracies haven’t helped the ΣN-corporatioπ image, rumours of  people having limbs bitten off whilst reaching in to there N-field bags or even cases of whole adults being dragged through by something, stories of oscillation points opening in wrong places letting these monstrosities loose on earth are quickly dealt with and any evidence removed, corporate spin doctors circulate press statements claming them due to simple power surges or rouge mutants from the wastelands straying into the City, corporate assassins pick off influential people who get to close to the truth or the corporate hackers discredit them in many deferent ways, the ΣN-corporatioπ swat teams mop up larger scale riots or demonstrations, but still the rumours persist and sightings still continue, the underground groups try there best to stir up trouble and make a difference some one out there knows the truth it just needs a voice. Or perhaps the world has grown too ignorant as mankind’s reliance on this technology grows.

E-mail from: Ark angel Satan: Your souls feed my world like fuel to fire, these soul copying abominations you have created send me a never ending supply of kindling and for every copy you make of yourself I grow stronger, your God has turned away from you and your violation of his creation.

I am your government, Obey me.

I am your lord, Worship me.

I am your only savour, Beg for mercy.


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