Medicly related stories

Welcome to butchery 101

Writen by Q

“Ok, classes settle down please”

Now today I will be demonstrating a right arm limb removal and replacement, one moment please, Jenkins will you please stop opening your Face plate it’s most distracting.

So as you can see, I have had my own insurance Clone brought in to demonstrate on, Ok now don’t worry, It’s all above bored, the Regulators wont be bursting in here, this clone has no memory transfer from me, and you can see its neural inhibiters are still in place, so like some of you not paying attention,  its just a vegetable, Jenkins  this is your last warning, now ware were we? Are yes, we are going to remove its right arm and replace it with this Cyber enhancement, this is so that it is up to date with my own Cyber arm, I had this fitted last week, we could just as easily replace it with a biological enhanced limb or dummy the procedure is pretty much the same.

Ok so first, if this was a trauma replacement what be are first cores of action?……………..Jenkins?…. No you imbecile, we would not simply hack of the limb. Naturally we would stabilized the victim….I mean patient and perhaps give a general or local anesthetic depending on the situation, but in a none life threatening case anesthetizing can be done at a later stage, now as my clone feels no pain in this present state I can start to prepare the area for amputation.

I have here a canister of medical Nano bots that have already been pre programmed for limb separation of a: right shoulder, now I can’t stress this enough class, the preparation and of Medical Nano bots is very important and must be done correctly, either by a trained engineer or purchased  pre loaded, if I was to inject these Nano bots into the wrong limb or they have been programmed incorrectly for say the wrong limb then the consequences can be life threatening to the patient, the bots will try and carry out there job but in the wrong area of the body or in some cases will try and migrate to the correct area, damaging tissue and organs as they travel.

So like I was saying these Nano bots are pre programmed for a?… Anyone?…that’s correct Jenkins so you are paying attention! Yes a: right shoulder separation and preparation, the injection canister comes in two parts the first I will inject into the joint of the right shoulder now.

If you look to you’re screens I have set up a digital representation of what is happening inside the joint at this very moment, as you can see the bots are locating each nerve that runs down the arm and adding a color coded dye to that nerve they will than sever the nerve and build a Cybernetic connector on both ends of the nerves, they are then bundled together into respective groups for easy location later, now this procedure is painless to the patient and merely results in a paralyzed limb and pins and needles in the joint area, if the patient is awake they can acknowledge this if asked, hopefully that indeed they have lost all feeling in that limb, you are then ready for the second part of the Nano bot injection, in the next stage it is advisable to administer a local or general anesthetic to the patient, as the feeling of muscle separation can feel a little uncomfortable and some patients may not want to see there old limb being amputated.

I shall administer the second Nano bot injection now.

on the screens you can see the second Nano bots now locate the ends of all the main muscle groups concerning the limb about to be removed, they then detach the muscle from the bones and create cybernetic connectors on all tendons they also locate all major blood vessels clamping them off and severing the artery or vain, both ends of the blood vessel is then prepared with a color coded cybernetic connector, you will notice the limb turn pail and cold to touch, if I lift the arm you can see it now rotates and moves freely on the shoulder  looking a little freaky, this is because the limb is essentially separated from the body only the ball joint and surrounding tissue still connect the limb to the body, we can then begin amputation.

The epidermis separating incision should be made exactly were the new limb is to join, unless the augmentation calls for part or all of the old limbs skin to cover the new one, but not in this case, my new Cyber arm has surface sensors so I don’t need my old skin nerve endings for touch feedback, nobody really wants to become a Cyborg these days do they Jenkins?

There, now the limb is separated you may need to give it a tug as the fluid in ball joints sometimes create a bit of a vacuum, but apart from that you can see the limb is totally detached, and very little blood as the bots have clamped of all main arteries. Ok you will need to put the old limb on ice if you wish to donate it or in some argumentations part of the old limb may need re attaching to the new one, but in this case I’ll put it on ice for the next class.

Ok hear is my shiny new Cybernetic arm fresh out of the box, I have already removed the sterile covering and detached the shoulder socket hub from the new cyber arm, this is the main part you junior doctors will be handling in general limb replacement, as most limb replacements fit to a generic hub socket and the actual cyber limb attachment is usually done by a technician,

Ok now my eye cam will display a close up of what I’m doing next, on you’re screens, you can see here in the clone shoulder opening the dyed and bundled nerve endings, and the silvery connectors built on, plug these to the corresponding connectors in the hub, now take care to observe the color coding we don’t want are newly attached limb to poke us in the eye when we actually want to scratch are ass. Next attach the arterial endings into the correct sockets, these sockets will either pump blood through artificial vestals down the arm, or simply re divert the blood back into the shoulder depending on the style of limb.

Next comes the tricky part, and the reason I insist you all complete anatomy class, pull the correct tendons through the hub and fix them with the supplied clips to the correspondingto hook up in the hub servo interface, then fit the hub cover onto the exterior and inject the supplied fixing gel inside the hub. Ok that done we need to position the hub onto the shoulder socket, make sure the ball joint is located correctly, some augmentations require a support frame to be fitted on to the existing skeletal structure prier to fitting, if this is the case then the hub will need fitting to the locating pins and bolting to the frame, you will need to be sure not to knick the arteries or screw through a tendon, it’s quite tricky as theirs not much space between the hub and the patients shoulder, now that the the muscle tissue is riggded in, you may need to get your fingers underneath and feel were the bone is in relation to the hub and frame.

Ok but back to this instance with this done you are ready to seal the unit onto the shoulder, position the skin slightly over the hub and clip the cerclip ring onto the locators being sure all the skin neatly  in position around the ring trim of any access skin, then add some fixing gel to the edge of the ring and skin, and clip the end cap over it, then fix this with the supplied grub screws. An injection of hydrotekyonol will increase blood supply to the surrounding tissue, the skin will eventually grow into the micro porous hub frame, and new blood vessels will form in the lattice, O and thanks to the miricle of protosteel no need for Antibiotic as the steels enzymes will kill of  infection and prevent any rejection.

Ok now to hook up my nice new Cyber arm to the hub, normally I would need a technician to fit the limb to the new hub but I ordered this limb with a quick change mount so it should just snaps into place…  like so. Now were all done my clone  can now go back into my reserved insurance tank, ready just incase the unthinkable happens. You never know who might just blow you away, for looking at them wrong, what do you think Jenkins? ….Jenkins put that gun down this instant….Jenkins No NO. STOP.


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