This is were you can find all maps to use as reference, it shows the New word map cerci 2030 and the rise in water levels after both pallor caps have completely melted. The altered land mass at the polles have shifted the equator north and the deluge of fresh water into the Atlantic Ocean have caucused the Atlantic engine to grind halt altering globule thermal patterns dramatically.

Note: According to the IPCC’s 2007 predictions, potential sea level rise by 2100 is less than 1 meter, but it’s a controversial subject and estimates of 5m and even higher have support in the scientific community…….How wrong they were.

The new world map shows a 213 meter sea rise that’s 698 feet.

2030 world map (global scale)   Click image to enlarge

New Indie Click image to enlarge

Megatropolis region Click image to enlarge


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