Drop Mining

The discovery of off world elements was to the periodic table like Galileo’s discovery that the world was spherical, every alloy and compound that we new of became almost obsolete in favour of the new alloys, elements were previously locked away in the asteroid belts located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, these asteroids became a key part of the earths dwindling resources as most of the rare ore’s were now nonexistent on earth.

Metallurgists and chemical engineers discovered countless applications for the new compounds and the table had to be re written numerous times, manned Slingshot prospector ships took up residency out in the belt re directing prospected asteroids towards earth which are then collected at an orbiting Quarry, they are then sorted and dropped to earth using, gravitational fields to slow there dissent, they impact on the earth with pin point accuracy at allocated drop mine sites were they are mined in a more conventional way.

Click on image to enlarge

Note: surveys of the Trojan asteroid belt have located large infestations of Insidiomicota but scientists believe the Greeks and Hildas belts may harbour the spore but surveys have yet to be initiated.


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