All entry’s in Alphabetical order

Betruger: Doctor Malcolm Betruger inventor of N-field technology in 2027

Chromed: Cybernetic enhancement, that only provides an aesthetic function.

Combination extractor: Laboratory tool used to extract samples ready for processing.

Cyberdummy: Cybernetic replacement for an external or internal body part mimicking its function as closely as possible but not enhancing its function in any way other than replacement.

Cyber limb: Enhancing cybernetic limb replacement.

Cybernetic implant: any cybernetic component integrated inside the body.

Cyber organ: Enhancing cybernetic organ

Cyberpunked: Enhancing the body to achieve a particular style and function

ΣN-corporatioπ: Company providing N-field technology currently the largest corporate body in the world.

Genetic preservation act: Declaration signed by all nations to preserve and protect the human genome in its present state, genetic modification to the genome must be registered and application of intent passed in a court of law, compulsory sterilization of applicant must be certified there after.

Gioroid: Hollowed out asteroid from an Incedomycota infestation.

Gone kipper: When a person seems to be just standing there but is actually interacting with an internal device or communication and is totally unaware of what is going on around them.

GPMS chip: Global Positioning Memory Synchronization, implanted Locating devise and Transference of learned skills and memories to a waiting clone.

Incedomycota: Genus of the fungus family Basidiomycota, infestation in the Trojan asteroid belt

Nano refining vat: Laboratory processing equipment that enable you to strip out chemicals or compounds from a sample leaving you with a base chemical.

N-Cyber enhancement: Experimental implant or enhancement utilizing N-field technology.

New Indie: Island of the south coast of the Tibetan mountains, location of Megatropolis

N-field: Dimensional field invented by Doctor Malcolm Betruger in 2027

N-field bag: Portable mass inter dimensional storage devise.

N-field transporter: Warp corridor to inter dimensional hub points enabling transport to most locations on earth.

N-field volt: Huge inter dimensional storage area, accessible vie an N-volt point.

N-field weapons: Usually in the form of a sword or knife giving you the ability to sheath a blade inter dimensionally leaving only a small scabbard and hilt to carry sometimes used in projectile weapons as ammo clips enabling larger ammo capacities.

Norbert Wiener: Mathematician regarded as the originator of cybernetics, November 26, 1894 to March 18, 1964,

Megatropolis: Largest metropolis located in New Indie in the R.A.A.J.

Prospector IV: Probe sent from Japan in search of off world resources, first discovered Incedomycota (Spug) in 2022.

R.A.A.J: Russian Austral Asiatic state of Japan.

Spug: fruiting body of Incedomycota, genus of the fungus family Basidiomycota, able to move and hunt.

Wet wear: Cyber technology implanted just beneath or into the skin.


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