This page lists all the concepts we want to include in game the Look and feel as it were.

There are links along side to themes that have already been expanded on, feel free to comment and add to the list, don’t forget to refer back to it as some items may change considerably “hay nothings set in stone yet ! ”

  • Only Human, no orks elvs and strictly NO Fairys!!
  • Cyberpunk meets Bladerunner with a dose of Supernatural horror.
  • Set on earth around 2030 (see timeline)
  • Earth rebuilt after an apocalyptic war of some kind leaving parts of earth uninhabitable or toxic. (See timeline)
  • Ability to visit of world colonies to come later.
  • Seedy Metropolis size cities. Towns and frontier out lands
  • Crowded streets changing and bustling night life and economy.
  • Cyberpunk style implants, wet wear, and body part replacements.
  • Biological enhancements.
  • Personal transport.
  • A working AI law enforcement.
  • Interdimensional travel and storage.
  • Immersive cyber space for hackers and general administrative use.
  • Mechs and drones.
  • Both modern and Futuristic weapons “not too Startrekie”.
  • No comedy places unless it’s some kind of twisted theme park.
  • Ai mobs available who will repair, upgrade, poke or buff you, to a degree so one isn’t running round begging others for that all important service.
  • Ai assistants who will grow and level along side of you.
  • Fully customizable apartments.
  • All customized body parts and clothes shown in world.
  • Able to interact with all in world items and furniture.
  • More realistic trade skilling systems.

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